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We make digitization humane


Digitization should always aim to improve human interaction and work flow. We evaluate the status of your organization’s digitization and help you make it more humane and user-centric.

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Do you need some help to get going on your own? Then join our free and open DigiEvents on various topics. Or browse our fast growing DigiDatabase with tons of useful step-by-step guides and articles written by us and our DigiExperts.

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Do you need an expert to give you a hand and offer some personal support for your company? Our DigiExperts are here for you. You can reach out to them directly. If you want to try their service out while keeping a cap on your budget, get our DigiVoucher.

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Dedicated Teams

You are about to launch a whole new business, service or product and need the support of an experienced team with a variety of skills? We identify your needs, and build you your DigiDreamTeam that is experience and ready to start working in no time. We also take care of the project management and team coordination so you don’t have to.

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Latest guides and articles

Finding new business opportunities on LinkedIn

Finding new business opportunities on LinkedIn

The advantages of keeping an updated personal and/or company profile on LinkedIn include access to a huge, trusted network of professionals from all over the world, the opportunity to find relevant information about businesses and companies, applying for a job, finding a business partner, or even promoting and selling your services and products.

How automation can help your business

How automation can help your business

We might have the tendency to think the word “automation” has a bad connotation, but when you’re talking about automation for your business, it is actually simplifying and streamlining certain processes within your business to better serve your customers more efficiently by automating tasks that otherwise someone within your organization would have to handle manually.

Meet our DigiExperts

YourDigiGuide features a large community of digitization experts from all around the world. They hold in-depth knowledge in various fields and are happy to share their expertise with you through guides and articles in your DigiDatabase, in our free DigiEvents as well as through personal, hands-on support for your company or organization.

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What people say

“After quick intervention by a digi expert, my bilingual eshop is now much more SEO-friendly and I also got some clarity on the best performing channels, which require most of my attention and energy in the future. Paired with a few relevant examples from my industry, I’m now ready to plan my online marketing actions for 2021 and it took only a couple of days of work all in all. I was surprised and amazed by the efficiency!”

Miia Mattila
Founder & Creative Director
MIAM Clothing Company®/MINXS OY

“I’ve been sitting for days training on the subject of digitalisation and entrepreneurship. Half an hour’s sparring with YourDigiGuide gave me so much more insights and understanding than all of those previous trainings combined. YourDigiGuide managed to make me see things clearly and encouraged me to carry on. Now I know what the name of our company’s marketing strategy is (inbound marketing) and what kind of free services we can introduce right away. And I also got confirmation that what we have done so far put us on the right track. I warmly recommend YourDigiGuide services especially to all those who need encouraging, relaxed and highly professional digital help.”

Hanna Kortejärvi
FaT, Co-creator,
Mindful Engineering Oy

“Thank you so much for your support! The instructions were clear and gave the confidence that I can do it myself. Especially during this challenging time that puts huge economical pressure on small companies to bring their operations online, such help and experience is worth its weight in gold. A small positive push in the right direction restores, at best, my faith in myself and in trying. I warmly recommend your services!”

Essi Siitari
Yoga studio owner
Studio Mandula

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Our philosophy


✓ We follow open and transparent processes
✓ We help you reach business goals
✓ We produce measurable results


✓ We promote digital self-sufficiency
✓ We aim to lower your carbon footprint
✓ We make all solutions easy to implement


✓ We use understandable and clear language
✓ We interact respectfully
✓ We always put the human first

The DigiHealth promise: In everything we do, wellbeing plays a paramount role. Working with digital tools can take a lot of weight off our shoulders, but it adds new challenges like e.g. decrease in social interaction, an challenging work environment, and information overflow. Our DigiHealth experts are involved in all our cases to tackle those issues. Read more