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Strengthen others and boost your brand

Why you should become a supporter


As a sponsor of YourDigiGuide you can both support your members or customers with their digitalization challenges and strengthen your own brand.

Provide support

With your support we provide digitization support directly targeted towards your members/customers’ needs and challenges. And excellent way for your company to show that you care.

Grow Open Source knowledge

By sponsoring YourDigiGuide’s activities you actively support an audience of companies that need quick and understandable digitization support.

Gain trust and customers

Your company will be visibly featured as a sponsor for at least one year. That way you can profile your company’s social responsibility, gain trust and new customers.

Sponsor a DigiEvent

By becoming a sponsor you can show that you care about your customers or members.

In a sponsoring partnership, we organize a free and open online DigiEvent together with you about a topic that is relevant to your target audience. You are shown as the sponsor of the event and will have a chance to speak directly to the audience at the event.

By sponsoring events on YourDigiGuide you will not just get exposure to your existing customers and raise retention. You will also get exposure to a new audience and reach new and relevant customer segments.

Show that you care and join the movement!

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Digitization as a gift

DigiVouchers are for all municipalities, public institutions, foundations or any other organization that wants to support local businesses and organizations.

The DigiVoucher entitle to  2, 5 or 10 hour of hands-on digi support with our DigiExperts to help with digitalization strategy, tools and integrations, online marketing, bots, websites, e-mail automation, SEO and more.

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