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Why you should become a DigiExpert


Join our community of DigiExperts from around the globe. Create content to support our users, reach a wider audience, and acquire new customers.

Create helpful content

As a DigiExpert you can publish step-by-step guides and articles on your area of expertise. You will become an essential part of YourDigiGuide and help building the world’s biggest free digitalization platform.

Reach a wide audience

We will feature your content on our page, through our bot and in our event. You and your business will be featured on every post you create, featuring you as an expert in the field. The more content you produce, the more visible you are.

Grow your business

Convince our users through your knowhow. Anyone in need of additional help and custom solutions can reach out to you directly. You can also opt into our DigiVoucher and DigiDreamTeam program to let YourDigiGuide sell your services for you.

Meet our DigiExperts

YourDigiGuide features a large community of digitization experts from all around the world. They hold in-depth knowledge in various fields and are happy to share their expertise with you through guides and articles in your DigiDatabase, in our free DigiEvents as well as through personal, hands-on support for your company or organization.

Meet our DigiExperts

How it works

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First assess yourself if this is really for you and read through our existing content. If you think you can create similar or even better content, we are happy to hear from you.

Fill in the membership application and pay the membership fee of 25 € 10€/month.

Write Expert Articles

As a DigiExpert you should provide at least three articles for our DigiDatabase per year. However, you can write as many articles and guides as you like. We share articles across all our channels and you will always be featured as the author with a link to your profile.

Participate in DigiEvents

As DigiExpert, you can participate in the production of the content of our open digital events and you can become a speaker at the event.

We also offer our users and customers the possibility to book you as a speaker for their own events.

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Become a DigiExpert now for 10 €/month
Normal price: 25 €/month. Excl. VAT.

be listed in our DigiExpert database
get visibility through every post you write
reach a wider audience
become a speaker in one of our DigiEvents
join a DigiDreamTeam for big projects
 boost your sales with the DigiVoucher
have a chance to get your posts featured in a DigiEvent

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