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Do you already have a DigiVoucher? Then look for the right expert.

Personal guidance for digitization


The DigiVoucher is an easy and clever way to get uncomplicated help for your company’s digitization needs.

Fixed price

Keep tabs on your spendings and receive the help you require.

Support you need

With the DigiVoucher you decide what help you need and how you want to divide your budget.

Experienced experts

Choose who you want to work with from a pool of experienced and approved DigiExperts.

I’ve been sitting for days training on the subject of digitalisation and entrepreneurship. Half an hour’s sparring with YourDigiGuide gave me so much more insights and understanding than all of those previous trainings combined. YourDigiGuide managed to make me see things clearly and encouraged me to carry on. Now I know what the name of our company’s marketing strategy is (inbound marketing) and what kind of free services we can introduce right away. And I also got confirmation that what we have done so far put us on the right track. I warmly recommend YourDigiGuide services especially to all those who need encouraging, relaxed and highly professional digital help.

Hanna Kortejärvi

FaT, Co-creator, Mindful Engineering Oy

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Personal DigiHelp

You can redeem a DigiVoucher with any of our participating DigiExperts. You can therefore contact them directly on our page. We are also happy to recommend you someone based on your needs and requirements.

Our DigiExperts are verified by YourDigiGuide for their expertise in their field. They can help you with various digitization projects ranging from digital strategy development, digital marketing and sales to search engine optimization, chat bots, automations and much, much more. Find the right expert here.

Robin the Bot

Easy digital help for your needs

YourDigiGuide is built to help entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies to take the digital leap. All our services, events, and personal support aim at making our users digi-independent. We guide you with expanding or moving your services, products, and processes into the digital space.

Our experts help you create your own digital plan and introduce you to free digital tools and their implementation. Furthermore, we help with digital marketing, building websites and much more.

You also find further help in our DigiDatabase consisting of DigiExpert articles and guides that are freely available and usable free and openly for everyone.

Thank you so much for your support! The instructions were clear and gave the confidence that I can do it myself. Especially during this challenging time that puts huge economical pressure on small companies to bring their operations online, such help and experience is worth its weight in gold. A small positive push in the right direction restores, at best, my faith in myself and in trying. I warmly recommend your services!

Essi Siitari

Yoga studio owner, Studio Mandula