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Our Services

Guiding you to take the digileap

We support your digitization path with the following services:


Digitization Strategy

Our team of digitization experts can help you on every step along the way to becoming a digi-ready and future-proof company.

We provide strategy consulting, training, and hands-on support for you and your team.




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Digital Growth

Take advantage of digital tools to grow your customer base and revenue.

We develop a bot to welcome, guide, and even sell to your website visitors. We get your website ready for now and the future and adjust your marketing strategy.


Digital Events

Invite people from around the world to join you for an online event. We organize, facilitate and take care of all the details.

That includes a bot for registrations and feedback, a landing page for teasers and material before and after the event as well as the perfect video conferencing tool to carry out the event.


Digital Healthcare network

Your Digi Health service will connect you and your clients to a broader service network and will give you the possibility to serve Your clients better. We help you to extend your own business/ service into an ecosystem of growing social and healthcare service providers community.



The DigiHealth promise: In everything we do, wellbeing plays a paramount role. Working with digital tools can take a lot of weight off our shoulders, but it adds new challenges like e.g. decrease in social interaction, a demanding work environment, and information overflow. Our DigiHealth experts are involved in all our cases to tackle those issues.


Digitalization support for local companies

YourDigiVoucher can be redeemed for a 10-hour digitization project (valued at € 1,500 VAT 0%) with our YourDigiGuide experts. We can help with digitization strategies, tools and integrations, online marketing, bots, websites, email automation, search engine optimization, and much more.

The digital voucher is well suited for internal use in an organization to support employees in the digital transformation. We offer direct and personal support to your team.

What we can do for you

YourDigiGuide is here to help and guide through the jungle of software, strategies, and services.


You want to go digital but have no idea how to structure your digitization strategy? Or you already took the first steps but are confused to how to connect all the different tools, channels, and approaches?

We help you put together a digitization startegy that truly fits your company’s needs, business model, and team.


You have an idea of what you want to achieve with digitization but don’t know how to execute your vision?

Our digitization experts can support you, bring new input and ideas to the table. We don’t just support your concept development but also offer hands-on-support and work closely together with your team.


You would like to get some expert input to your company through occasional trainings and workshops for your employees?

Tell us what you would like to learn more about and we will train your team to take matters into their own hands.