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Get your events online now!

Let’s organize stunning online events!

We support you on every step along the way.

Before the event

Make an impression from the get-go! We create a page for your event featuring an event registration bot that can welcome the participations, give and collect information before the event and much more. 


DURING the event

You can focus on your presentation, we take care of the rest! Based on your individual need we identify the tools best suited for your event, set it up and integrate all the systems you need for your event.

after the event

We take care of your guests even after the event and share all the material you want (such as recordings, documents, presentations and links) in one place for all participants to find easily.

a seamless user-centric experience

Your guests will be cared for before, during, and after the event. Therefore we provide:

event page

A dedicated webpage that informs about what to expect from the event (such as speakers, topics and schedule) beforehand.

event bot

A chance to ask questions, rate the event, give feedback and receive information before, during and after the event.

event tech

We identify the tools best suited for your event and take care of all the technical’s. We also guide your guests trough the event.