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We are building the worlds biggest open
Digi Knowledge Database to give guidance in digitalization
for free – for everyone.


This is Us

YourDigiGuide is a bot powered platform that provides companies and individuals with straight forward, hands-on guides and articles to support your digitalization efforts. Want to find a new tool, move your operations online, digitize processes or come up with a new strategy?
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This is how we do it


✓ We follow open and transparent processes
✓ We help you reach business goals
✓ We produce measurable results


✓ We promote digital self-sufficiency
✓ We aim to lower your carbon footprint
✓ We make all solutions easy to implement


✓ We use understandable and clear language
✓ We interact respectfully
✓ We always put the human first

The DigiHealth promise: In everything we do, wellbeing plays a paramount role. Working with digital tools can take a lot of weight off our shoulders, but it adds new challenges like e.g. decrease in social interaction, an unhealthy work environment, and information overflow. Our DigiHealth experts are involved in all our cases to tackle those issues.

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We have ambitious goals. To achieve them we need strong partners that want to support the creation of the digi knowledge.

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Of course, essentially YourDigiGuide is here for all of you who face challenges to move their operations online.

This database is for you. Free and openly accessible. Now and forever.


We are always on the lookout for new contributors to our Digi Knowledge Database.

If you are a digitalization expert and know your way around tools, methods and strategies, give us a shout.

Got some questions? No problem. We are here for you. Say hi!

I’ve been sitting for days training on the subject of digitalisation and entrepreneurship. Half an hour’s sparring with YourDigiGuide gave me so much more insights and understanding than all of those previous trainings combined. YourDigiGuide managed to make me see things clearly and encouraged me to carry on. Now I know what the name of our company’s marketing strategy is (inbound marketing) and what kind of free services we can introduce right away. And I also got confirmation that what we have done so far put us on the right track. I warmly recommend YourDigiGuide services especially to all those who need encouraging, relaxed and highly professional digital help.

Hanna Kortejärvi

FaT, Co-creator, Mindful Engineering Oy

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YourDigiGuide is here to help and guide through the jungle of software, strategies, and services.


You want to go digital but have no idea how to structure your digitization strategy? Or you already took the first steps but are confused to how to connect all the different tools, channels, and approaches?

We help you put together a digitization startegy that truly fits your company’s needs, business model, and team.


You have an idea of what you want to achieve with digitization but don’t know how to execute your vision?

Our digitization experts can support you, bring new input and ideas to the table. We don’t just support your concept development but also offer hands-on-support and work closely together with your team.


You would like to get some expert input to your company through occasional trainings and workshops for your employees?

Tell us what you would like to learn more about and we will train your team to take matters into their own hands.