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Connecting the dots for marketing success

 We built a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business, brand, and customers.

Reach your ideal audience

Before you can reach out to your target audience, you first need to know who they are and where they are active. Let us help you find that out.

Build a strategy that work

Marketing strategies are no plug-and-play solutions. Every business is different and so is their audience. We put the pieces of the digital tool puzzle together for a strategy that works for your company.


Test and improve

Digital marketing always changes. And your audience interest might as well. We keep track of the performance of your online marketing and fine tune whenever necessary.

A path to success individualized for you

There are so many digital channels and tools out there. But which ones are best suited for you? And if you choose something, how should you maintain it? How many posts do you need? How do you connect social media with your website? And do you keep track of performance and results?

Let’s develop a strategy that makes sense for your business, that includes:

Channel identification

We will look at your target audience and choose the channels that make most sense for you to reach them. We help you to set everything up and make it feel like part of your brand.

Content creation

Content is king. That is a fact. Bringing fresh and relevant content both to your website, blog and social media channels is important. We help you produce it and delivering it in an engaging way.


New content is great but how does it perform and do people even read it? We keep track of everything and adjust all elements until your marketing really clicks with your audience.

What we can do for you

Connect all your channels

Your online marketing efforts should be coordinated and aligned across all platforms. We do that for you.


Create Useful content

Attract your audience with useful content rather than just advertisement. We can help you with that – in five different languages.

Plan ahead

We don’t just go with the flow but create a long term marketing and content plan for you. Of course we are always ready for last minute changes.

manage all resources

You work with different agencies and tools but find it hard to coordinate it all? We can take care of your project management and give you space to focus on the important tasks in your business.

find the best partners

We can do a lot for you. But if there is something we cannot do ourselves, then we can quickly find you an expert in that topic. E.g. do you need help with HubSpot and E-Mail Marketing? We know a guy 😉


answer your questions

Do you want to understand better what online marketing is all about and take action yourself. We are happy to teach and coach you and answer all your questions. We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers.