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Digi Game-Changer Germany

Explore the opportunities of the German Market
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Germany as an opportunity for growth


YourDigiGuide is going to strengthen its position on the German market. And we want to take Finnish game-changers in the digitization field with us.

Join us to explore the opportunities for your business.
With us and the support of Business Finland you can tap into a 80 million people market.

Understand the market

We will analyze the market for you, explain the trends, pitfalls, and opportunities. We also help you define your target audience and most promising regions and business fields for your product or service with a thorough market report tailor made for your company.

Get visibility

Through growing our digi-knowledge platform with new German partners we will also expand your company’s visibility on the German market. As an official partner, your company gets exposure to German companies and organizations.

Grow your business

We have a foot on the ground in Germany and will introduce your company to local business associations, roof-organizations, municipalities, and cities for six months. You receive a list of valuable contacts to help you find first customers and collaboration partners in Germany.

Germany in numbers


83.2 million (2020)

biggest market in the EU


3.4 trillion € (2020)

4th biggest worldwide



1 trillion € (2020)

3rd biggest worldwide



1.2 trillion € (2020)

3rd biggest worldwide

Stronger together

We will send our CEO to Germany for one year to set up our office in Hamburg and make YourDigiGuide more known to the German audience. Join us during that time, connect with German business organizations, associations, and companies to grow your business.

We are putting together a group of Finnish game-changer companies from the digitization field who we will support and represent* in Germany for six months.

We are preparing a Business Finland application that you can simply join. This application will cover 50 % of the costs.

For Game-changers

This project is for your company if:

– you provide a service or product that supports the digitization of businesses and organizations

– your product/service is market-ready and ready to be sold

– you can provide your service/product in English or German

– you are looking to expand to the biggest market within the EU

I am Ansgar Frankenberg, CEO and co-founder of YourDigiGuide and a native German.

Germany is an economical powerhouse. However, during the Corona pandemic is has become evident that it is years behind in developing a digital infrastructure.

During almost 10 years of living and working in Finland I have learned first hand how far ahead Finnish companies are in handling and providing help for digitization. My goal is to strengthen the presence and market share of Finnish company in my home country.

Through my connection to both cultures and countries, it is easy for me to connect companies and organizations from Germany and Finland.

Join our project and explore new opportunities in the biggest market of the EU. I am looking forward to having you on board and introducing your services and products to the German market!

Ansgar Frankenberg

How it works

Join our project

To join our project you will have to join our Business Finland application which will cover 50% of the costs for the whole one-year project. We will prepare and send you all the necessary material for you to apply. You simply have to fill the form and submit it.

Financing the project

The initial price for this project including market analysis, exposure and introduction to potential customers and partners as well as suggestions for your market entry for six months amounts to 20.000 €. However, in the beginning of the project only 10.000 € will have to be paid. The remaining half of the price will be only invoices at the end of the project and can be fully reimbursed through Business Finland – leaving the overall costs for your company at 10.000 € (excl. VAT).

What you get

  • Market analysis for your company about the potential target audience, market size, opportunities, competition, and current trends in Germany (after two months)
  • Introduction to decision-makers both from the public and the private field
  • Benefit from our CEO’s existing network in Hamburg and the whole of Germany (media, gaming, finance, health care, automobile, retail, and other industries)
  • Monthly reports with leads to potential customers and business partners
  • Support in getting your products and services ready for the German market (e.g. how to adjust and localize your offering, set up office)
  • Exposure as a partner to the German audience for the six months through our existing free digi-knowledge platform

Join now!

Come to Germany with us!
All benefits for six months for 20.000 € 10.000 €

Market research based on your company and offering
Introduction to German business organizations
Monthly updates on progress and new opportunities
✓ Leads to potential customers and business partners
Representative* in Germany for six months
Suggestions and help to build up and strengthen your presence in Germany
Visibility through our German digi-knowledge platform

*We will introduce you to suitable partners based on the product/service your company is offering and forward potential leads to you. However, according to the rules of Business Finland, we are not allowed to do any sales activities or close any deals for you.