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How’s my team?

Knowledge is power, having a motivated and skilled team is
a superpower!

For a healthy worklife with digitization.

Mapping the path to a healthy digital work environment in three steps

1. Customization

We build intuitive, responsive and humain mapping tool, specifically customized for your people, tools, processes, and goals.

2. Data Collection

We let your team members express their experiences, feelings, and thoughts safely, easily and effectively.

3. Analysis and Results

We analyze the answers and present you the results. We point out what is going well and where you should put a stronger focus to make your team even better.

Find out how your team feels and deals with the digital tools and platforms in use in your company. YourDigiGuide helps you evaluate the situation in your work environment in a user-friendly, humane, and safe matter.

Our friendly and human-centric bot questions your employees about their work routine in today’s hybrid work environment.

While collecting information about their happiness and confidence to work with the implemented tools, it also focuses on the health and stress levels of each individual.

Employees can choose to submit their answers anonymously or ask for personal guidance in specific areas.

We support your company’s digitization effects while focusing on

Ways to make the humans in your company happy at work

Mapping the tools and working ways that are healthy and effective for your team

Making digital tools support people’s success

Connecting team members

Everyone becoming more productive

Meet our DigiExperts

After analyzing your situation, YourDigiGuide can connect you with the suitable digitization expert from our community. Every expert holds in-depth knowledge in various fields and is happy to share their expertise with you to tackle the challenges your company is facing. The expert’s support can involve both training and hands-on-support.

Find a DigiExpert

Our philosophy


✓ We follow open and transparent processes
✓ We help you reach business goals
✓ We produce measurable results


✓ We promote digital self-sufficiency
✓ We aim to lower your carbon footprint
✓ We make all solutions easy to implement


✓ We use understandable and clear language
✓ We interact respectfully
✓ We always put the human first

The DigiHealth promise: In everything we do, wellbeing plays a paramount role. Working with digital tools can take a lot of weight off our shoulders, but it adds new challenges like e.g. decrease in social interaction, an challenging work environment, and information overflow. Our DigiHealth experts are involved in all our cases to tackle those issues. Read more

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