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Digital wellbeing Exercises


Keep your body and mind in balance with our online exercises.
New videos and podcasts are awaiting you every week.

Wellbeing for your digital workspace

Do you work with digital tools? Do you work mainly or partly remotely? With our monthly subscription you get access to exercises to enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing. Every week new exercises are waiting for you. Browse our constantly growing selection of videos and podcasts and feel more at ease with your body and mind.

Our philosophy


✓ We follow open and transparent processes
✓ We help you reach business goals
✓ We produce measurable results


✓ We promote digital self-sufficiency
✓ We aim to lower your carbon footprint
✓ We make all solutions easy to implement


✓ We use understandable and clear language
✓ We interact respectfully
✓ We always put the human first

The DigiHealth promise: In everything we do, wellbeing plays a paramount role. Working with digital tools can take a lot of weight off our shoulders, but it adds new challenges like e.g. decrease in social interaction, an challenging work environment, and information overflow. Our DigiHealth experts are involved in all our cases to tackle those issues.