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Sherhan Wicky

Sherhan Wicky

Green Bond origination

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Software Development, Quantitative Analytics, Sustainable Finance

Sherhan is a Software Developer and Sustainable Finance consultant. Experienced in institutional financial markets, Sherhan applies Quantitative and software development techniques to assist FinTechs develop robust and modern trading and market analytic software. With strong networks and experience across both finance and sustainability, Sherhan is uniquely positioned to assist corporations raise debt capital financing for projects with sustainable outcomes by navigating them from early stage market readiness through to capital raising and financial close.

Green Bond Origination, Currency portfolio hedging, Bond Portfolio Management, FX Cash-Futures Arbitrage, Interest Rate Products (Swaps, FRAs, Caps). Trade input, cash management, VBA/Excel RAD, Credit (monte carlo) Simulations, PFI Structuring (UK, Middle East, Europe), Spot FX hedging, Carbon Markets, debt advisory

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